My Approach to Learning


Effective learning doesn't just happen. It requires an analysis of the material and of the target learners. Combining those findings with sound learning methodology and experience will lead to success for both the institution and the learner.  Part of this analysis is determining the best delivery method, be it in-person, online-only or hybrid.  Each requires a different skill set to execute correctly and I enjoy the challenge of designing amazing trainings that people will remember for more than just an afternoon.

Instructional Design


Let me help you design effective courses online and off.







Not sure where to get started?  Under a deadline and need to finish up a project?  Please reach out so I can find a solution that works for you and your organization.





With more than 20 years of teaching experience spanning fields as diverse as sales, customer service, retail, banking, emergency medicine and firefighting, I can work to ensure effective delivery of any course material.